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Stride towards healthy, happy barefoot horses.

Why Hoof Help Online?

We bring together barefoot horse owners to learn how to more effectively trim and care for their horses, so that we can enjoy healthy, happy barefoot horses.

What to Expect

We are creating a living, growing, dynamic community of barefoot horse owners. We will expand over time, develop new resources, focus on what is positive and inspirational, and cater to YOUR NEEDS! This truly is something new and exciting; come experience the barefoot horse community you have always dreamed of!

As a member of Hoof Help Online, you will:

  • Receive helpful guidance: Our community consists of both beginners and seasoned barefoot horseowners, as well as professionals who specialize in barefoot trimming and horse care, yet everyone is here to simply share their experiences. This diverse wealth of knowledge ensures that you have access to reliable advice from those who share their success in barefoot horse care. Our members commit to treating each other with courtesy and respect.
  • Enhance your knowledge of effective trimming techniques: Enjoy extensive libraries of articles, photos and videos, with information relevant to barefoot beginners through professionals, as well as a free Basic Barefoot Trimming Course
  • Connect with like-minded horse owners and barefoot trimmers: Build meaningful relationships with other horseowners and experienced barefooters for support and shared experiences.
  • Improve your horse's overall well-being: Receive tailored care recommendations from the community; enrich your barefoot horse care knowledge with practical experiences shared by owners of barefoot horses who are thriving in a wide range of terrains and environments all over the world.

When You Join Today

When you join Hoof Help Online today, you’ll receive immediate access to our:

  • Barefoot Community: This all begins with community! Enjoy full-featured feeds where you can chat and post photos, video links, gifs, write mini-articles, and more. Direct messaging and threaded conversations allow you to build meaningful relationships with like-minded horseowners at all stages of barefooting, as well as seasoned experts in the field of barefoot horse care.
  • Free Basic Barefoot Trimming Course: Participate in a detailed step-by-step course that will teach you how to apply a safe, effective trim that can transform your horse's hooves for the better.
  • Livestream Video Events: We will livestream straight to you, directly on the site. Look for regular Livestream Q&As with your hosts, James & Yvonne Welz. These videos will be recorded for future viewing, in case you miss them. Our plans include guests speakers and guest panels, live trim demos, and more!
  • Barefoot Magazine Archive: Receive access to all 80 issues of The Horse's Hoof Magazine, spanning 20 years time, with the historical record of the development of barefoot horse care as a worldwide movement. We also include the out-of-print "Barefoot Stories" book as a free bonus.
  • Article Library: Hundreds of articles covering barefoot trimming theory and how-to, hoof and horse care, pathology (laminitis, navicular), barefoot Q&As, and a full Learning Center with resources from many well-known experts.
  • Photo Library: Thousands of hoof photos are provided on photo pages, which document before and after trims, regular hooves, healthy hooves, and pathological hooves (laminitis, navicular).
  • Video Library: 70+ videos demonstrating trimming techniques on a wide variety of fairly healthy hooves, as well as problem hooves.
  • Download our FREE App for any phone or ipad, or easy access to content through the web
  • All this for only $29.99 USD per month! You will also receive a one-week free trial, to find out if our community is right for you. Save $$ with our yearly plan, which effectively gives you one month free.

Meet your Hosts

Hoof Help Online is brought to you by husband & wife team, James and Yvonne Welz, who together founded The Horse's Hoof Magazine in 2000, publishing 80 quarterly issues. James and Yvonne have spent the past 2 decades guiding horseowners in successful barefoot horse trimming and care.


"It’s hard to believe, but I’ve kept my horses barefoot for 22 years now. We have rehabbed 5 different horses throughout that time, including a Foxtrotter, a Tennessee Walker, 2 Paso Finos, and a Morgan. One had navicular syndrome when we started and became completely sound after several months, with removal of eggbar shoes and pads. She was given to age 15 to live by a vet; she died at 33. All the others achieved soundness in various amounts of time, the shortest being the Morgan. We never could have imagined this wonderful outcome without the help and encouragement of James and Yvonne Welz. They were always there to keep us going and to answer our many questions. We are so glad we made the barefoot decision years ago and would never go back to any type of nailed on shoe. Our horses’ health is proof of this." - Carol Peat, Flagstaff, Arizona (photo above)

"You all changed my horses' lives and I have been an avid follower of yours for 15 years now. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wisdom, experience, photos, articles and insights. They are truly 'golden!' I have even had veterinarians compliment my trim, thanks to you. I only trim my own, of course."  🙂 - Jennifer Hill

"There have been many changes in my life, but I never lost the passion for hooves and the desire to see as many horses as possible enjoying a life with healthy hooves. I continue to trim my horse and few other horses of friends. Your program helped my to have a clear, positive, confident image of what to do and I enjoyed beautiful results. I am wishing WELZ for every horse in the world." - Nicoleta Dobrin

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Together, we can turn healthy, happy barefoot horse care into the normal way of keeping horses.

Your horse will thank you.

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